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Open Models - Brick of Knowledge

[Brick under construction, see roadmap]

The digital is a new world that we have only just begun to explore.

Due to its capacity for the free circulation of knowledge and large-scale collaboration, unique phenomena are taking shape: open models that form the epicentre of this digital revolution.

Omnipresent, we know almost nothing about them. Open models have already shaped the digital world and could tomorrow help transform society in the face of the crises of the Anthropocene by changing our relationship to knowledge.

The brick of knowledge on open models is intended as a digital common for mastering these new concepts: Open (Source) Software, Open Science, Open Education, Open Hardware, Open Data, Open Innovation, Open Standard, Open Organization…

An openly accessible resource to dive into the digital of knowledge.

Knowledge of the brick 📖

The core of the brick consists of a body of knowledge on open models.

Knowledge to discover these phenomena, their histories, develop a methodology for building digital commons, learn how these collaborative dynamics work to seek to make them your own!

A resource to acquire basic open models skills and being an active player in these universes.

Open models knowledge:

A list of resources on open models brings together a variety of useful links.

Workshop materials 📚

Open model education takes many forms and reaches many audiences, a multitude of teaching materials can be created and reused. To help you set up activities, a whole range of open resources can be found on a page dedicated to materials for open models education workshops.

Roadmap 🗺️

To set and understand the orientation of the community around the brick, a roadmap shows the main axes of work defined.

A collective project, a collaboratively built digital common, open to contribution and hosted (temporarily 🤞) on the non-open-source GitHub platform.

Contribute 🐜

The digital commons are based on an entire culture of contribution. The contributions of each individual contribute to the prosperity of the whole, provided that the ecosystem around a project is able to include external players.

A contribution guide explains different ways to help on this brick of knowledge project.

Many ways to participate in this democratization of open models!

Exchange with the community 🤳🏼

The discussion space allows you to ask questions, go into more detail on certain points or simply chat with other members of the community ❤️

Don’t hesitate to share any open models related projects you may have over there, they could be of interest to others people!

Licenses ⚖️

All resources in this brick of knowledge can be freely used, modified and shared for your own uses. Viral license, modifications/forks must be redistributed under CC BY-SA license.

Quotes to redirect to the brick are appreciated!