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Resources on open models

A set of complementary resources to help you explore open models more deeply.
Links to a variety of elements to learn more about these phenomena, to find players in these fields, to get informed, find tools, learn more about current legislation…

In the spirit of contribution, any recommendation that will enrich this list of resources and our collective knowledge will be appreciated, ideally as an issue (or directly as a pull request) on Github.

Table of contents

  1. Open models and commons
  2. Open Source
  3. Open Science
  4. Open Education
  5. Open Innovation
  6. Open Data
  7. Open Hardware
  8. Open License
  9. Open Content
  10. Open Scholarship
  11. Open Business
  12. Open Health
  13. Open Music
  14. Open Collaboration
  15. Open Standard
  16. Type undetermined

Type of resources:

Open models and commons

Open Source

Open Science

Open Education

Open Innovation

Open Data

Open Hardware

Open License

Open Content

Open Scolarship

Open Business

Open Health

Open Music

Open Collaboration

Open Standard

Type undetermined