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Contribution guide

Anything that raises awareness of open models is beneficial, any help is precious!

Everyone can contribute according to their skills and means, so feel free if other ways of contributing come to mind.

Contributions can be made both to the content of the knowledge brick and in a more ancillary way.

But above all, the more you understand about open models, the more comfortable you’ll be in your ability to contribute. Take the time to assimilate the subject ❤️

Contribute to content

The content of the brick and any modifications are based on a Github repository.

At the moment, there are real technical obstacles to contribution, and a certain mastery of Git/Github and Markdown will be required to produce the content (guide coming soon?).

Take a look at the version 0 roadmap to see what’s currently being developed and participate where you feel comfortable.

Everything is constantly evolving and relies on peer review, so bring your critical eye if you see a way to improve the quality of the content.

Come and give your opinion in the issues, pull request (modification proposals) reviews are highly useful.

Contribute using content

The contribution is not limited to producing the content of the brick of knowledge.

If you feel you’re ready, you can provide education on the subject of open models: workshops, training courses, conferences… As well as producing content for social networks.

Help answer questions from the community, whether on Github or anywhere else!