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Rule n°3: Competition doesn’t exist, turn everyone into a partner.

The aim is to co-construct an intellectual resource that will benefit a wide variety of people sharing similar needs where everyone can enrich this solution.

A whole ecosystem will develop around this resource, with a multitude of stakeholders depending on it and building various activities around it.

We can see with open innovation that the best skills will come from outside, a structure alone is limited.

The more solid this set of stakeholders is, the more numerous they will be, the richer and more sustainable the resource will be.

Open source resources are pervasive, spreading easily to the point of becoming massively used commons.

Cherish copies and those who explore different paths, they move the whole forward and create additional wealth. If someone succeeds in doing better elsewhere, it will help you tomorrow.

With open models, open collaboration takes precedence, no one is in competition.